Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspiration: Digital and Production

We are in the business of understanding current trends, embracing new media and adopting emerging technologies. As marketing and branding strategists, we are called to understand the newest mobile functionalities, while also recognizing the connections between a traditional understanding of human interactions and the emerging practices of user experience design, for example. Such demands on our attention call for well-curated blogs and news content. Because it is our desire to inspire one another through this space, we want to periodically share some of our favorite resources. To kick us off, Marta Masferrer, our project manager and in-house, multi-platform content creator (aka the Sandbox Hero) has put together the following list. What are some of your favorite digital and production-oriented sites?

1. The Daily GOOD - Inspiring news
2. myNEWSdesk blog -- Great for industry related news
3. design mind -- great resource for stories and news in design and technology
4. creative cow -- great resource for anything related to post-production
5. indiewire - great for the latest in film industry related news

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