Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bedichek Middle School

Today was not an average morning for the team at 97°West. Instead of turning on our computers and clicking through the latest news article, Vera and Stacy headed down to Bedichek Middle School to hang out with 125 sixth graders and give a presentation on persuasive techniques, faulty reasoning and advertising. 

Now that the STAAR exam requires students to understand "how words, images, graphics and sounds work together in various forms to impact meaning," English and rhetoric teachers are exploring innovative ways of reaching their students. And that is exactly what one of the teachers at Bedichek is doing. In addition to assigning a project that asked her kids to create advertisements using persuasive techniques (bandwagon, testimonials, etc), she asked if someone from our agency would speak to the kids on how these principals play out "in the real world." We were delighted to help.

To begin, we started with a quick overview of why we were asked to come and what our presentation was going to cover, but we didn't tell the kids who we were. Instead, we created a little exercise on the importance of perception and asked the kids to keep these three questions in mind: (1) Who has more years of education? (2) Who was born in another country? and (3) How old are we? [They were pretty good at guessing!] Then we covered examples using the brands and people important to them -- Air Jordan Shoes, Taco C, and you know, Justin Bieber. 

Below are pictures of the kids leaving for their next class and a few samples of the advertising projects they completed. It was a great experience and we're excited about doing more of the same soon.

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